Sound-Off Competition

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Sound-Off Competition

01:00 PM

Convention Center

Event Details

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$1000 Grand Prize

$500 Class Winners

$20 to Enter

We're going to shake things up this year with the 3rd Annual Capital City Bikefest Sound-Off Competition.

This year's competition will consist of two classes:

  • With Subwoofer
  • Without Subwoofer

Contestants in each class will compete head-to-head in this winner-takes-all battle to the finish with each class winner taking home $500. Competing in groups of twos, the winner of each battle for the crowd's favor to will stay in the ring to challenge the next contestant. Finally, the winners of each class will have the opportunity to see whose system has what it takes to win the $1000 Grand Prize!

Each contestant will choose their own songs to play in the head-to-head battles. Please keep your song selection family-friendly. This is a crowd-judged competition.

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