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Pseudo Cowboys

03:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson Dealership Stage - Dealership

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Adam began forming the Pseudo Cowboys in 2009 after reconnecting with his former drummer from Earos. The new band made their foray into the Raleigh music scene rapidly with only their second show being on the main stage at the 2009 Bud Light Downtown Live series, sharing the bill with nationally-touring act, Better than Ezra.

Shortly thereafter, the band recorded a full-length demo, “Rehearsals With the Pseudo Cowboys,” wherein they recorded band practices with the intent of capturing the kinetic quality of their live sound instead of making a polished album. The point was to let ‘feeling’ take precedence over perfection. While these early performances and recordings were rough around the edges, Adam felt there was something more honest and emotionally valuable that could be expressed with the band as opposed to playing solo. Simultaneously, the band’s power offered a feeling of transcendence and an outlet for something primal, both characteristics of art lost when performing covers songs for nights on end.

In the years that followed, Adam began integrating modern sonic elements he had developed while performing solo with looping technology into the raw, classic British rock style at the core of the band. Combining this sound with a passion-filled vocal and lyrical style reminiscent of 1990s alternative rock and grunge rock, the Pseudo Cowboys have developed a unique and powerful rock sound all their own.

The Pseudo Cowboys continue to create music and a live show experience that is simultaneously thought-provoking and also a rowdy good time. After a few lineup changes, the band is building steam as one of NC’s few remaining rock groups that attempts to honor the bold and dynamic facets of classic rock bands, while reframing the sound for modern times. Intense passion and joy are palpable at every Pseudo Cowboys show, granting audiences the freedom to be overcome by the music along with the band.

The band’s story is just beginning. Their following growing with every performance, the Pseudo Cowboys continue to release exciting new original songs and music videos, which they hope to introduce to greater audiences throughout NC and beyond.


1126 South Saunders Street, Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone : +919-832-2261
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