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05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Carolina Career College Stage @ Toyota Plaza - Downtown Raleigh

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"LaureNicole", was formed in 2014 and consists of four members: Lauren Nicole (vocals, rhythm guitar, songwriter), Evan Bennett (bass, backing vocals), and Griffin Prufer (lead guitar). The band has a balance of original compositions and covers and plays regularly in their home state, North Carolina.

Lauren Nicole, now 24 years old, has written over 40 songs and recorded two albums over the past few years. She has played both acoustic and electric guitar for nearly 10 years. Prior to forming her band, Lauren recorded and released her first album, "Hope & Desire," as a solo artist in 2011. The album was produced by Chip Shearin who has worked with renowned artists such as Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, and Aretha Franklin. Shearin is primarily known for his iconic bass line in "Rappers Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang.

In recent news, "LaureNicole" is excited to be collaborating with one of the music industry's top producers and sound engineers, John Davenport. Davenport has worked with acclaimed artists such as The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Cindy Lauper, John Lennon, and is credited on several platinum albums. The band has recorded its first album with Davenport in his new state-of-the-art facility, Deep River Studios, located in Sanford, NC.

The album, entitled "Light the Way," can now be bought on iTunes, CDbaby, and Amazon.


1126 South Saunders Street, Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone : +919-832-2261
Email :

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