The prep stage is finally beginning to wrap up on the Ray Price Harley Davidson and Carolina Career College custom motorcycle. This isn't to say we are anywhere close to finishing. Soon we will be moving on to painting and reassembly. For now we still have some work to do before we can begin painting. We had finished disassembling the rims for powder coating. Powder coating is similar to paint but more durable. It is applied through a baking process rather than a spray providing better quality and look through a hardened coating. It will make them less susceptible to chipping or getting scratched up. Once the rims are ready to be put on the new frame they will have Buell XB 12 wheels. We have provided pictures of the rims when they first came off the frame and what they look like with the new powder coating. It has a sleek black finish that will flow with the rest of the bike.

Another piece of the bike that has been modified is the sprocket and chain. For this bike we are using a PBI sprocket and an RK chain. We are prepping to be changed from a stock belt drive to a chain drive. The chain drive is an older style but effective for the look we are trying to achieve. It is also desirable for the gear ratio. We have to remove the rubber belt and pulleys. Some work went into the improvement of this bike's chain drive. To start our guys in the shop have taken out the original front pulley and cut out the center. Then the chain sprocket was welded to it to make our own chain drive. During the design and planning phase there was not a pulley available to create the look we were going for and we also didn't have the front sprocket we wanted. We got creative and developed one that would be best for this bike. This further adds to the appeal of it being custom down to the sprocket and chain.

Before we know it Bikefest will be here and once again Fayetteville Street will be full of motorcycle excitement. By that time this bike will be a lot more than the parts you have seen in our first few posts. Until then keep up with us here and details on how to win this custom bike we are building will be explained.