Over the past few days we have been in the final stages of preparing the exhaust can and the motor for the custom bike being designed through the collaboration of Carolina Career College and Ray Price Harley Davidson. This is the bike that one lucky winner will get at our 2017 Capital City Bikefest right here in Raleigh and only by following our progress can you get the details on how to enter.

After stripping down the stock bike to its frame, we have taken the motor and cleaned it. This is done so we can prep to start making alterations. This is a stock Street 500 engine but we will be adding Screaming Eagle air filters and it will be Screaming Eagle race tuned. This provides better performance, more horsepower, more pep, and an overall better running motorcycle. This will be later into the rebuilding process but for now we are preparing the motor for those changes. Majority of the motor is already black. The fins have been polished, and we have removed thin edges to achieve a highlighted fin look. To create a sleek and uniform motor, we have added black to the starter and the oil filter housing for an all black look.

While prepping the motor we are also making modifications to the exhaust can. As you can see in the picture with our directions to "cut out" and "move bracket" written down, we are cutting the can to give it a unique look that you couldn't get from the stock part. This is a Supertrapp exhaust can and we are shortening it 10 inches to create a custom exhaust that provides an upswept look. Our team uses a die grinder cut off wheel for this modified Supertrapp exhaust with a fabricated upswept design. The point of this is to give a look that is not offered on this bike. We have to make sure that all of the parts are the size and shape we want before applying paint to them.

We have a long road ahead of us but this bike is already shaping up to be very impressive. We still have different parts of the bike that need to be prepped before moving to painting and reassembly. We are very excited to give away this bike at Bikefest and soon we will tell you how to enter and win. Until then keep up with our journey and expect an update soon!