Ray Price Harley Davidson has been honored with commissioning a custom bike for the Carolina Career College. This custom bike will be given away at our 2017 Capital City Bikefest. The giveaway will take place the weekend of September 22-24th and to find out how YOU could win this one of a kind bike, keep up with this blog as we take you through the process of building a custom bike!

The first thing is to start with a blank canvas as shown in the picture of the bike in the bay. This is a stock Street 500 Harley Davidson and we will take this bike, break it down, and transform it into something completely unique. The bike is currently ready to be taken apart to begin painting. Before we can start painting though, our team has to brainstorm the expectations we have for this bike. Decisions have to be made on color, art, and design. This is considered the prep phase where we start building the concept. We also call this "building the bike on paper." This is the time to get everything written out concerning what parts we will need and what things we want to change. It is one thing to take apart and rebuild a bike, but this is a custom bike so we want to make everything about this bike, even down to its bolts, turns heads. This is why our planning phase is so important and have taken considerable time to make sure we have things just right.

Even though we are still designing on paper, there is no reason not to start the prep process. The bike is officially taken apart and stripped to the frame. Everything has been removed including the engine, and the rear pegs have been removed and shaved as well. We are getting the part ready to be prepped for paint. This includes modifying the frame for the paint. You may be able to notice some of the prep work on the back side where the frame is gray in the picture of just the frame in our shop. We have not entered the bike building stage, but there is quite a bit of work that goes into making sure all of the parts of this bike, starting with the frame, are ready to have paint applied.

There is so much more to come and by the time Bikefest gets here you won't believe that we started here. If you want to know how our custom creation could be yours keep up with our blog and the details will follow. Get excited for this exclusive bike and get excited for Bikefest!