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Carolina Career College Custom Build

Enter to win a custom Carolina Career College motorcycle designed by Ray Price Harley-Davidson at the 13th Annual Ray Price Motorsports Expo! And read all about the build by following our blog! Learn more

Hey Beginning of the Final Assembly

Our vision is finally starting to take place. After waiting for the last of the parts to get here and for everything to be ready for assembly, the bike is beginning to come together for final assembly. In the rolling state, the fun is beginning. Read more

Hey Front End

Our custom Carolina Career College bike is starting to look like more than a pile of parts. The next section in this process that we have assembled is the front end. The two main focal points here are the handlebars and the headlights. Read more

Hey Tail Section and First Look at Paint

All of the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together. So far we have shown you how we have torn apart a stock bike and have started to prep for paint and made modifications to the different parts. Here is another part that actually is very special because of how it was created. Read more

Hey Rims, Sprocket, and Chain

The prep stage is finally beginning to wrap up on the Ray Price Harley Davidson and Carolina Career College custom motorcycle. This isn't to say we are anywhere close to finishing. Soon we will be moving on to painting and reassembly. Read more

Hey Exhaust Modifications

Over the past few days we have been in the final stages of preparing the exhaust can and the motor for the custom bike being designed through the collaboration of Carolina Career College and Ray Price Harley Davidson. Read more

Hey CCC Bike Build Begins

Ray Price Harley Davidson has been honored with commissioning a custom bike for the Carolina Career College. This custom bike will be given away at our 2017 Capital City Bikefest. Read more

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