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Q: Is there a registration fee or cost to get into the Capital City Bikefest?

There is no cost to visit the Bikefest events at the Dealership.

Q: What are the North Carolina state motorcycle laws?

Read the NC State Motorcycle Laws on the AMA website. In short, lights are to be on at all times, driver and passenger must wear helmets, and proof of insurance may be requested if you are stopped. Exhaust noise is monitored, and this being a downtown venue in close proximity to people wandering the venue, please limit your exhaust noise!

Q: Are helmets required in North Carolina and neighboring states?

North Carolina laws require the use of a DOT approved helmet. Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee laws also require helmets. South Carolina requires helmets for those under 21. View all state laws.

Q: How can I protect my bike and belongings at the Bikefest?

Generally, this has been a VERY safe event, but common sense rules apply. Do not leave items on your bike unattended. Lock personal belongings in your bike, or carry them with you. Be sure to lock your motorcycle. Park your motorcycle in motorcycle-reserved parking areas, either curbside or at parking areas you will be directed to by volunteer staff.

Q: What are the locations of the Bikefest?

The Bikefest will take place at the Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson dealership at 1126 S. Saunders Street, Raleigh, NC 27603. The Raleigh TattooFest held in conjunction with Capital City Bikefest will be held at the CAM Raleigh at 409 W Martin St, Raleigh, NC 27603. The Rumble in Raleigh Vintage Car Show will also take place outside the CAM Raleigh. The Vintage Motorcycle Race will take place at the Wake County Speedway at 2109 Simpkins Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603. The Tesla concert will take place at the Ritz Raleigh at 2820 Industrial Dr, Raleigh, NC 27609.

Q: How do I become a Capital City Bikefest vendor?

If you would like to become a vendor for Bikefest, please visit our Vendor Info page to review the information, and fill out a vendor application. We offer spaces to qualified vendors at the Raleigh Convention Center and/or at the Dealership locations. See here for details.

Q: Where and how can I book a room during Bikefest?

If you would like to reserve a room during Bikefest, please visit our Bikefest Lodging page for a list of nearby hotels. Again this year, our base hotel and Sponsor, is the Sheraton Hotel.

Q: Is it reasonable to bring our kids to the Bikefest?

This is a Family-Friendly event. We monitor vendors, entertainment and participants for behavior, dress or display of items that are considered objectionable or lewd. Kid-friendly entertainment is available and the stunt/thrill shows are well-suited for kids.

Q: We've noticed people raffling off a bike at past events - is this legitimate?

The bike raffle is part of our Harley Owners Group (HOG) fundraising efforts. Each year, someone who has purchased a ticket at the event, or other times throughout the raffle season, wins a brand new bike. The giveaway is done at our annual Open House in April.

Q: What is the availability of Food at the Capital City Bikefest?

At the dealership, as well as the Wake County Speedway there will be a Food Truck to the right of the Service Department. At the Raleigh TattooFest there many local eateries in the Warehouse District.

1126 South Saunders Street, Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone : +919-832-2261
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Bikefest Hours

Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson

Friday, Sept 20
Saturday, Sept 21
Sunday, Sept 22

TattooFest at CAM

Friday, Sept 20
Saturday, Sept 21
Sunday, Sept 22